Glass Landscape_ver.3
discarded glass fragment collected on street, floating glass balls, variable table, mix media

*Exhibition History:
2019 The Accumulated Ghosts @Cheongju Museum of Modern Art, Dacheongho branch(Cheongju, South Korea)
2019 The Private Movement @Gallery SANDWICH apt(Seoul, South Korea)

This work, made by overlapping sharp and threatening waste glass, is a psychological landscape work designed to show the other side of modern society that is always gorgeous but threatening momentarily.

날카롭고 위협적인 폐유리를 중첩시켜 만든 이 작업은 언제나 화려하지만 순간 위협적으로 다가오는 현대사회의 이면을 보여주고자 만든 심리적 풍경 작업이다.

>> Below are installation images from Glass Landscape <<